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Akid Rashid, GM

As general manager of Althorne Grand, Abu Dhabi, I'd like to point out, that the cooperation with Century Hotels is working smoothly eversince.
I would recommend CHG services to all properties over 200 rooms.

About Century Hotels Group


We are managing over 120 hotels and resorts in the world.
Our main focus is central asia, where CHG is owning 26 Luxury hotels with 5 Stars.
Our customers profit from our experience and network which brings them additional guests.
We supply hotels with IT equipment as well as kitchen supplies. Net profit for year 2013 was 24,3M U$
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Upcoming Events at CHG



Scheduled reopening of Taiwan city based Sharan Boutique Hotel.



International Surgery Assn. plans 2 events in conference areas of Jamur Grand, Tokio